Friday, January 27, 2012

this which is...

I need the mystery
The whisper that comes in the quiet places
Of sunrises and dreams
Of roses and mourning

I need the mystery
That says there is something
More alive than life
Something stronger than death
Something greater than myself
And Nothing more profound than love

Don’t take this mystery
And rob it with regulations
Taking that which is truly holy
Binding it with cords that you can understand
Breaking the sacred down
Into so much less
Than what it truly is
Just so you can swallow it

Please don’t try to tell me that
Broken dreams and broken hearts
Are just a result of broken rules

To me that is not God
All that is -is man dressing up

If God resides in
Quotes and lines and letters
If God resides in
Religion and denomination and structures
If God resides in
Dogma and dictates and decrees
Then who, may I ask
Resides in the heavens?

No, you may not have this mystery
You may not put an accent on this voice
You do not get to determine
Where it comes from or where it goes

So drop to your knees in the beauty of it
While love crushes you with the weight of eternity
Light blinds you until you see
What you never thought possible
Until you are reborn every day into the mystery

-Amy Folk