Wednesday, December 8, 2010


For each of us, there is a unique place of courage to following Him. Ah but He wills it and He does it - our part is only to say yes. I was thinking about those beliefs we hold on to for dear life which may not be Him. Sometimes we can feel as though all - and I mean all - the slats are going to be knocked out from under us if we say yes, we want to know Who He really is - regardless. We have a lot at stake in our beliefs. For some of us, there is security - false though it be - in not making waves in our personal lives - in our inner parts. For some, it's the outer part - pride and position and reputation may be involved. It is so difficult for some of us to say we were mistaken.

Did you ever see the Indiana Jones movie about their search for the grail? There was a part when Indiana was going to where the grail was and he had reached an opening in the cave and had to cross over to the other side of a chasm - but there was no visible place for him to place his foot. He remembered the riddle and put his foot out - seemingly into empty space - he risked his all that he might find the grail. Lo and behold, there was a bridge between the walls.

A poor analogy, but...

... it does take a certain amount of courage

... or desperation

... to launch out into the depth of the river which is over our heads.

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