Saturday, April 23, 2011

only a pittance

he was just a tiny thing. lying very still. blank eyes.

'... not worth much more than a penny at most... '

it was raining... cold... miserable out. i watched it for a bit from the window. he had flown into the window from the birdfeeder and had landed on the ground.

it was just a sparrow. there are millions of them. not too smart sometimes.

'... and yet, not one falls to the ground without your Father... '

my heart would not let me just leave it there, so i went out in the rain, gently scooped him up and cupped him in my hands and ducked into the open garage.

do you ever just 'know'... sometimes... that you are being made particularly aware of Father's heart? that His heart really does take notice of... and that, in some incredible way, He is even 'with'... something so insignificant as a little sparrow.

i held the little thing in my warm hands and thanked Father that He knew the little one had fallen... that He was with the little one.

i prayed and stroked the softer-than-soft feathers for a minute or two. then he moved, blinked, moved again - then flew out of my hand and off to a tree.

'... are you not worth more than many tiny birds... and yet Father knows... and is with you... '


Pastor Mike said...

a very precious reminder. Thank you

Kelly said...

you're welcome, thank you for reading and commenting. i appreciate your heart! :)