Wednesday, July 27, 2011

just a small thing...

quite insignificant in size… lacking any beauty. nonetheless, it was fighting with all its might to be free.

as i was getting my coffee this morning, my eye was drawn by a fluttering in among the wood pile just a few feet from my window. the movement would stop for a second or two and begin again. i was pretty sure it was a moth ensnared in a spider web - but it could have been a bit of leaf.

if it was a moth - it was of no import. but i felt a twinge.

did some other things. back to the window. still fluttering. still fighting. must be a moth. more twinge.

yet other things needed my attention. i argued against the twinge - ‘it’s just a moth - not even a pretty one - not like a butterfly or dragonfly. just… a… moth.’

finally went back to the window to see if it was still there - sure enough it was - still fighting.

no more arguing with the twinge. went outside. got a twig and broke the web from the wood. got the moth - also got the spider. moth was trying to get free - spider was trying to wrap it more in it’s web - I was determined to set the moth free.

guess who won that battle? got the spider separated from the moth - then was able to get the little creature out of the web.

it sat on my fingers for a moment - then flew away.

it was created to fly - it was being hindered unto death.

i think that’s why the not-letting-go twinge. in the scheme of things, i’m just a small thing… lacking any real beauty… insignificant as the world judges.

but… He is teaching me to fly - and i must do so - no matter the struggle.

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Anonymous said...

That was beautiful...! He is teaching you to fly and he is teaching you how to help others fly...:) :) That is what I am talking about on facebook.
--Jayne Otterson