Wednesday, March 30, 2011

quiet places... full of sound

[originally posted January 27, 2011]

standing by a tomb of a knight. Sir Richard Pembridge… a Knight of the Garter who fought at Crecy and Poitiers. he died 1375.

as far as i can tell, there are no other living beings in the Cathedral. it’s late morning, the light is gentle… unobtrusive.

i am aware of all the prayers which have been uttered in this place… the sense of them more than the sound.

yet there is the sound of them...

as unobtrusive as the light… but just as present.

the vaulted stone ceiling which soars far above seems filled with the presence of the prayers. the aisles and chapels and niches... full of their presence... the heart petitions of the people who have gone before.

centuries upon centuries of sound… in the quiet.

photo courtesy of Britain Express

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