Friday, April 2, 2010

all God's children need shoes

Just some simple 'learnings' in my journey ---

Not long ago, my husband got a new pair of work shoes. He is on his feet all day - very actively so. He had tried several pairs and types of shoes, but none really were suited for his feet and his job. Then, ahhhhh!!! (big sigh of relief), the new shoes came and with them a smile on his face. He could wear them and work in them and his feet never complained!

It struck me through the simple action of him acquiring the proper foot ware, what a difference our 'shoes' makes in our journey with Him. It does me no good to have a wonderful 'teaching' if it doesn't take 'walking' in. It does me no good to have all the "i's" dotted and all the "t's" crossed, if it doesn't 'work' for me.

I'm not talking about a method for 'doing my journey', I'm talking about learning to walk in the Spirit - and that takes Him boiling down all the high sounding spiritual teachings, theories, doctrines, principles, etc, into a workable form of Life for my walk with Him. Will it be 'shoe-leather' in The Way for me? Will it bear my weight, so to speak? Will it support me and prove to be Truth and Life for me? Will it help me along the path?

I tend to be a practical sort - sometimes - and when He enlightens the eyes of my understanding, when He gives me new revealings of Jesus, it's not just to add to my treasure chest of 'right teachings', but instead, It is Him - Jesus - and in that new seeing of Him, there is an apprehending of Him - a partaking of His divine nature - that puts shoes on my feet, and I can 'walk' in it/Him in my dailies - it/He becomes very practical in my trek.

He came to give us life and that abundantly - He came to give us Himself, and Himself in abundance. Life isn't life unless it is living. He said that in this world we would have troubles and tribulations - but to be encouraged, because He has overcome this world. For a long time I thought, 'big deal' but how does that help me. [a little confession here] But then, as He has begun to cause me to 'see' Him and in the seeing, perceive and know Him [not talking head knowledge here], He has also shared a secret with me, that Him - in me - my hope. The more He is revealed to and in me, the more I experience the reality of His abundance and His overcoming, the more I experience Him - because, in a manner or speaking, His is the 'shoe upon my foot'. Meet and right for the day.

In Him I live and move and have my being. And that means each and every time I take a step, I've got God's brand of shoes for my feet.

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Eve-Loraine said...

Thank you for this encouragement.