Saturday, April 3, 2010

people of The Breath

[from October of 2005 - continues to be fresh in my heart]

It seems sometimes He takes the most lowly things to speak and underscore the most profound things to me.

Two or three weeks ago, while walking my dog in the back yard for her constitutional, I began to become aware of the soft whisper of the Holy Spirit in my heart - and I realized that the Heart-Whisperer had been seeking my attention for some time. It seemed He was inviting me to consider the lowly dandelion. In fact, it was somewhat like 'Kelly, have you considered the dandelion?'

To make a long story not quite so long, I have been considering the dandelion - and while there are many 'things' to be seen in it, there is one that has been impressed continually to my heart: "The Wind blows where it wishes... " (Jn 3.8)
and just as the seed of the dandelion is completely yielded to the wind which separates it from the rest of the plant and takes it where it will, we - as people of The Breath - are to be just as yielded to His Breath that He may separate us and take us where He wants. The dandelion seed cannot direct its flight and planting - and neither can we. It is completely according to the intention, purpose and delight of The Breath.

A secondary 'seeing' in the dandelion, is that it is basically unappreciated and unwanted by the world. Most do not want 'that weed' in their lawns - and will do whatever they can to eliminate it. That picture is pretty much self-explanatory.

The last 'seeing' is that the plant contains many vitamins, minerals and medicinal helps within it - it contains 'life' if you will. One place I read that in the Greek, the word means discord remedy. Also, self-explanatory.

Really cool when He opens our eyes to the heavenly realm through the lowly dandelion.

Looking at 'weeds' with new eyes

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Anonymous said...

I love the examples that Jesus used to explain things to you. Thank you for sharing them with us.