Wednesday, April 7, 2010

glimpses of Father

[This goes along so beautifully with “the people of The Breath”. Shared here with her permission.]

“I had a neat experience at Wal-Mart the other day...

“As I stood waiting to purchase my cart full of items, my attention was drawn to a young man a few places ahead of me. He was with his wife who was moving their items from their cart to the counter, and he was holding their daughter who was about a year old. His back was to me, and at first I thought the baby was sleeping because she was flat on her back; all I could see of her were her arms and legs which were extended and draped completely limp. As the man turned slightly, I was able to see that the baby girl was not only wide awake but completely enraptured with her father. He held her lovingly yet firmly in the palms of his hands, one supporting her shoulders, neck and head and the other under her bottom. They looked at each other with such complete adoration that I found myself being drawn in, mesmerized by what I was seeing.

“With the baby in this position the father began gliding her up and down and from side to side with swift, sweeping motions. As he did this, the pair was aware of nothing but each other. Without speaking a word, his eyes, which never left hers, conveyed to her the love that was in his heart; she responded to him with squeals of utter delight. The amazing thing was that no matter how fast he swooped her up or let her drop, her body remained limp. There was no sign of fear and absolutely no tensing of her muscles. She had an incredible trust in her father and knew that he had no intentions of harming or dropping her. This went on for a few moments before the baby tired of it and wanted to be held upright.

As my eyes misted over, I felt so blessed to have witnessed this exchange. It was as though Father was showing me the care he has for his children and the trust he wants us to have in him. I imagined he and I looking at each other that way, not being able to take our eyes off each other. Although the ride may be rough sometimes, I need never lose trust in his care or provision because he is firmly holding me in the palms of his hands.”

from my dear sister in Him - Carrie Bellue -

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Eve-Loraine said...

I enjoyed reading this every bit as much as the first time I read it.