Friday, April 2, 2010

are we there yet?

Do you remember when you were a small thing, packed into the family car, heading for wonderful and unknown places? The familiar, "are we there yet?" cry seemed to continually leap out of your mouth. The important aspect of the trip - for you - was what waited at the end.

Forget the scenery passing by your window - if you were the first to 'call' window seat, that is - it was all about 'getting there'. Forget the neat stopping places along the way. Forget the food breaks and the potty breaks. Let's just get there!

Fast forward several years. You are now a parent - packed into the family car - and your little ones are likewise fussing and fretting and questioning.

Do you suppose we - maybe? - say and do the same thing in our journey to wonderful, unknown places in His kingdom?

"Are we there yet, Lord?"

Forget the scenery - let's just get on with it and get there. Impatient with the journey, we just want to be 'there' - that's the important thing - that's what counts.

Or is it? Could it be that what counts, equally, is the here - and now? This moment? This hour? This today?

Methinks, learning how to live - in Him - in this moment - is all important.

When it comes down to it - the 'now' - the fleshing out of His kingdom in us - now - matters. To Him - and to us.

Today - if you will - hear His voice.

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Eve-Loraine said...

Yes,yes. I find it is about walking with Him, learning his lessons everyday and being changed into his likeness and not frettng over arriving.